Top 5 party games at Family Gatherings

Top 5 party games at Family Gatherings

If there’s one event that can be the most difficult to plan for, it’s probably family gatherings.  You deal with a lot of personalities with a lot of happy and sad feelings.  There are people who haven’t seen each other in a long time and are simply excited at the thought of being able to catch up again.  There are people who haven’t seen each other in a long time and now simply dread the thought of being together again.  When you’ve got all these people together in one venue, how do you break the ice so that everyone can just get past these repressed feelings and simply enjoy the day with family?


Play a game of Bingo

Family gatherings often have a variety of people with a major age discrepancy.  You have adults and kids together so planning for games needs a lot of effort.  Fortunately, you have games like “Bingo” that is perfect for families and both adults and kids can play.  You can even put a twist in the game by asking each family who attends the family gathering to bring a token or a gift to serve as a prize for the games.  You can also include this as a note in your online e-invitation so that people will not forget.  That way, everyone who wins takes home a prize and a remembrance from the day.  To make it more exciting, you can set different winning combinations, like “Four Corners”, “X marks the Spot”, etc and the harder the combination the bigger the prize.  Bingo can even be played both indoors and outdoors with either a small or a large group.  You can still keep your bingo cards and tokens for the next family gathering. 


Jigsaw Puzzle game

For some families, games are not limited to full physical activity.  Some of them may find it interesting yet competitive to put a jigsaw puzzle together as a group.  You can make groups of 3-4 people by age, kids have easier puzzles while adults have more pieces to put together.   The important rule is to put a time limit so that the fastest group to complete their puzzle wins.  If the time has run out and the groups haven’t completed their puzzles, a judge may be asked to see which puzzle is more complete and that group wins the prize. (check out some ideas for Family Gathering Party Favors)

Water balloon toss

This game is perfect for the outdoors and during the summer season.  It’s nice to have a family gathering where everything is casual and relaxed and people are generally in a good mood.  The water balloon toss needs pairs, divided into 2 lines.  You can make the line as long as the number of participants.  Participants in Line A toss a water balloon to their partners in Line B.  Whoever lets a water balloon fall or explode is out of the game.  The game continues until only one pair is left standing with an intact water balloon. 


“Who’s this baby?”

“Who’s this baby?” is matching game that is perfect for family gatherings.  In preparation, the planners need to collect baby pictures and most recent pictures from everyone attending the event.  They will then place these pictures on a board, in jumbled order, but labeled so that the participants can easily match the baby with the right “adult”.  All answers will be placed on a piece of paper and submitted to the party organizers who will then check and tally who has the most number of correct matches.  This exercise is a great conversation starter because it will trigger memories, funny stories and will let kids see how their grandparents were when they were young. 


Musical chairs

Parlor games like musical chairs are always popular during family gatherings because they’re fun to play and exciting to watch.  There are many variations of musical chairs, the simplest of which is people having to spin around a circle of chairs while the music is playing.  When the music stops, each participant has to scramble to sit on an empty chair.  Whoever doesn’t get to sit on a chair is eliminated from the game.  The winner is the last person sitting on a chair.

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